Welcome To The Club!

Welcome To The Club!

Posted by on Apr 4, 2018 in BLOG | 21 comments

The what you say?  The all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler is available in a cool medium gray called Sting-Gray.  This is a non-metallic clear-coat paint that stands out from the other Billet Silver and Granite-Crystal offerings of the Wrangler.  The users — like me — at JLWranglerForums are very passionate about this new color.  I started this site for fun and to build a passionate community around the beautiful new JL!


  1. I love this color I have yet to see one at a dealership. Are these a special edition?

    • This is the first model year for the All New Wrangler, so there are no special editions yet. The colour has only just started to be produced. I do not know of any in Canada yet.

  2. Picked mine up last night….Love it

    • You are very lucky. My JL’s build date is May 31st. Hoping to be driving it before summer.

      Welcome to the Sting-Gray Club!

      • Thanks for the welcome. Getting ready to embroider the logo on the head rest covers. That’s the beauty of owing a commercial embroidery machine.

  3. Cant wait for mine. Last I check it was still in FIRM, a pre build state. Getting it with the turbo 4. So hope that was the right choice.

    • I hope for you it comes soon! I had originally ordered a JLUR 2.0L Turbo, but Jeep Canada says not until the fall… So my 3.6L Rubicon got it’s Windows Sticker TODAY! Lucky me!

  4. Hi Tim, just got our new wrangler JL 2018. I made my husband go look at Sting-Gray because I LOVED IT. He hated it…said it was boring 😡 i am so mad…we got the Granite metallic…I prefer non-metallic colors…..anyway, he said I can put on a Sting-Gray decal. I LOVE your decal you designed that is a Jeep grille and headlights tapering into a ray tail…..so cute♥️ Will u email me back if I can purchase it from you, i dont know if its in production? Sherry Sampson Bearbuddies2@yahoo.com Thanks 4 the reply, wish I had the lighter gray, but no cigar so the decal would be cool.

  5. Greetings from Germany,

    order my steel grey tomorrow. 4 month for delivering.. 😉

    • Schöne Grüße! Willkommen im Klub!

      You are the first Euro Jeep fan we’ve seen here. 4 months is not outrageous for a custom order. Mine took almost 3 months…

  6. Hey, wondering if you have the JL vent decals sting grey red made up yet? They are amazing! If so, how can I order them? Thanks!

    • Hi Mike. Are you referring to the first photo in the vent decal mock-ups? No, I haven’t had any made yet. Don over at PixelDecals.com could probably do some for you though. Cheers!

  7. The graphics that have been displayed on a few T-shirts LOOK Awesome… Is there any chance they are available to purchase?

  8. I love this color. Just picked up my Sting Grey Wrangler 5 days ago! Would love to get the sting grey badge. This could become its own special edition!

  9. I am a new sting gray Jeep Rubicon JLU owner and would like to sign up for the club and get on the waiting list for the next round of membership badge.

  10. Is this still open for new members? Thanks

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